Garden Knee Pads To Keep Gardening Enjoyable

gardenSummer is the major time of year when the weather will wilt your plants. However, preparation for the hot weather can help you avoid these effects. To split your time between keeping a healthy garden and all the other summer activities you have planned, strategy is important. The following are the main tips to keep your garden healthy while enjoying all your summer activities:
Potted plants can easily overheat. If you have potted plants in your garden, you should lightly mulch them and position them out of direct sunlight. Leaving potted plants in saucers will facilitate root rot and the reproduction of mosquitos and other insects.

Reviving your Plants

Instead of placing potted plants in plain saucers, add sand to the saucer and keep the sand moist. This will help the roots stay cool and encourage the growth of a healthy plant. If your potted plants have dried out and rewetting them seems impossible, soak your plant in a buck of water for at least 30 minutes, and then drain it. This can help you revive the plant.

To keep your plants hydrated and minimize evaporation, water your plants during the cooler parts of the day. Ideally, the best time to water your plans is in the morning. If you can only water during the afternoon, leave enough time for the foliage to dry before the sun sets. Moist foliage is the prime opportunity for mildew and fungi to grow and destroy your plants.
Pumpkin, melon, cucumbers, rose and zucchini are the most susceptible to mildew. If you discover mildew on your plants, spray them weekly with a solution made from one part cows milk to 10 parts water. The treatment should be repeated after heavy rains or irrigation. Although this treatment will not reverse mildew damage, it can prevent additional attacks in the future.

Water Your Plants

Deeply water your plants. Use this opportunity to feed your plants and correct any mineral deficiencies they may have. Add a soluble fertilizer containing seaweed and give the mixture to your plants during watering. For citrus fruits, lychee and bananas, add potash to the base of the tree, then water. This will make the plants juicer and enhance the fruit flavour.
Take care of any weed-infested lawns on a regular basis. To maintain a healthy and attractive lawn, you will need to pull weeds out regularly. You should kneel down correctly to decrease your chances of injuring your knees. To minimize injury, you should use high quality gardening knee pads.

Using knee pads will protect your knees and the surrounding muscles and ligaments that support your knee, especially if you are an avid garden. Although there are numerous brands of gardening knee pads available on the market, few of them are top notch. This is the reason choosing a high quality knee pad is import. It will allow you to continue gardening, while preventing injuries that could disrupt your summer activities.

The previous information provides an overview of some important ways to enjoy your gardening during the summer and keep your plants healthy. With knowledge and proper planning, you can have plenty of time left for other activities, without neglecting your garden.

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safe garden hose

Exactly How Safe Is Your Garden Hose?

garden hoseA very common event that happens during the day while a gardener is gardening is to take a drink out of the water hose, something that most people do, right? If it’s hot outside, in excess of 90∞, and you are outside with your hose watering the lawn, or even your flowerbeds, why would you go inside to get a glass of water? The difficulty with using your garden hose for this purpose is that it could actually be unhealthy, primarily because they are made of a substance called PVC, a compound that is commonly used that contains lead, a stabilizing factor for the creation of the hoses.

In between the time that you water your lawn or plants, the water tends to stay in the house, and the lead can actually leach into the water, causing detrimental and sometimes deadly problems. The lead in the hoses can actually be up to 100 times the allowable level of lead, according to US standards, which is clearly something that you should not put into your body.

PVC material

There are certain states that are required to note on the packaging that the PVC material has been known to cause birth defects, reproductive problems and also cancer. Typically, this warning is printed in such small print that most consumers will miss it, and in other states it is not even mentioned at all that using a garden hose for drinking could be dangerous for your health.

You should also know that lead is very dangerous for children, especially young ones, those that are under the age of six years and it can cause nervous system disorders and damage to the brain. When this occurs, the damage is irreversible, and sometimes severe, leading to problematic situations the rest of their life.

Lead is a Chemical

Many people believe that plants actually do not absorb lead, so by watering them with these hoses that have lead, it’s not dangerous unless high concentrations are detected in the soil. I personally am not convinced about this opinion at all. Since lead is a chemical that can remain in the soil for many years, it will at some point become very harmful for the plans that you grow. It’s very true for plant vegetables and edibles, ones that have high concentrations of water, and if you are watering regularly, the lead content within these plants can grow.

You really don’t have to worry, however, because there are lead free hoses, those that are available in many locations so that you can avoid the risk of poisoning not only your garden but yourself.

If you do invest in one of these lead free hoses, or even a hose that states that it is drink safe, be sure to let the water run for quite some time before you actually take a drink.

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