How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Razor Burn

shavingIf you want to get your day started off on the right foot, a clean shave will do it every time. A well-maintained face will impress clients and friends of the female persuasion. Unfortunately, there is a big pest that can make your face feel less than appealing – razor burn. Everyone has had it at least once. It is that terrible itching sensation you get a few hours after shaving. Not only does it make you feel horrible, but it doesn’t look very nice either. If you learn the proper techniques, you can prevent razor burn and bumps from invading your face. Here is some advice that can help you achieve this goal.

What Is Razor Burn?

This is a rash that sometimes appears on areas that have just been shaved. Sometimes the problem is mild and presents itself as a slight itching with a red rash. In severe cases, it can be accompanied by razor bumps, which are caused by ingrown hairs. This looks like typical acne and they are incredibly itchy. Ingrown hair and razor bumps are more prevalent in African-American males because their facial hair is curly.

How To Stop Razor Burn In Its Tracks

Soften the hair on the face, A soft beard is far easier to shave than one that feels like a scouring pad. The ideal time to shave would be immediately after you get out of the shower. The steam in the shower will soften the hair on your face and make it perfect for shaving. You can make the hair even softer if you massage some conditioner in it while you are in there. You can apply it when you first step into the shower and rinse it off directly before you get out. Your beard will be just as soft as a piece of silk.

Exfoliate your skin. This beauty regimen is not only intended for women. Use facial scrubs and/or your lady’s bath pouf to slough off the dead skin and leave ingrown hairs with no place to run and hide. It may not necessarily be the most masculine product, but I adore the apricot scrub produced by St. Ive’s. It is not costly and it makes your skin feel amazing.

Purchase a safety razor. Many people love the multi-blade razors that clutter the market these days. If you are able to get great results, more power to you. If you feel like they leave your face more irritated than ever, you should consider buying a safety razor. There are many men who can be perfectly content even though they aren’t shaving with five blades at a time. That is not necessary at all. A Safety razor will give you a smooth, clean shave without all of the irritation. This is because one blade is working well alone instead of with four buddies who plan to do a number on your face.

Shave towards the Grain

shaving faceShave toward the grain. In their quest to end up with a smooth satin finish, many men choose to shave against the grain. While this can help them get the smoothness they have been after, it is very easy to nick the face and end up with razor burn. Also, a very close shave can increase your chances of developing ingrown hair and razor bumps. Your best bet is to shave with the grain. This will decrease the chances of having to deal with razor burn. You will not be able to remove your whole beard in one good swoop. You will live. Just lather up and give it an additional swoop. Basically, multiple passes with the grain are preferable to one against the grain.

Shave with short, light strokes. If you use far too much pressure, this will increase the likelihood you will end up with razor burn. The weight of the actual razor is all that is needed to shave effectively. Use shorter strokes and you will notice that you are applying less pressure. When you use long strokes, you have a tendency to exert more pressure.

Do not shave with a dull blade. Have you ever tried cutting into a piece of bread with a dull knife? Did you ever notice that the bread ended up all bent and ragged? Imagine your cheek being that piece of bread. Instead of achieving a clean shave, a dull blade will tear at your whiskers. The result of this is badly irritated skin and ingrown hairs. Another great benefit of safety razors is the ability to constantly change blades once they get dull without spending a fortune.

Clean your Razor

Clean your razor with alcohol. One large cause of razor burn is shaving with a blade that is dirty. Kill all bacteria by cleaning your blade with rubbing alcohol before using it on your face. There are some companies out there selling antiseptics for blades. Leave them on the shelf; it is only alcohol with some scents added. You can buy the basic alcohol from the drugstore. Clean your blade between each pass. Every time you swoop across your face, the blades get filled with shaving cream and hair. This stops the blades from continuously making clean, smooth cuts. Rinse the blade between every pass.

Splash cold water on your face when you are done shaving. This will help close the pores and reduce the chances you will end up with some ingrown hairs.

Use a moisturizer on the face. You have just finished using a piece of metal to cut hair from your face. Even with the best shave technique, your face is probably not happy. Aftershave is supposed to be refreshing, but it only worsens the irritation for some men. If you are one of them, you can use a balm or cortisone cream that contains aloe. This will eliminate the redness. You can find either one of these products at the drugstore.

Dry your brush and blades after using them. Use a towel to remove every trace of water from your razor. This will keep the blade from getting dull too quickly and it will be sharp the next time you plan to shave. Make sure that you hang your shaving brush when you are done so it can dry out. A wet brush will accumulate bacteria and you will smear it on your face when you get ready to shave again.

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